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Israel held many Gaza prisoners in harsh and humiliating conditions

On January 28, Seven Israeli Human Rights organizations appealed to the Military Judge Advocate General and to Attorney General concerning the appalling conditions in which Palestinians arrested during the fighting in Gaza were held, and the humiliating and inhuman treatment to which they were subjected from the time of their arrest until their transfer to the custody of the Israel Prison Service.
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Suspicion: Soldiers shot Palestinian farmer to death without warning

A farmer from the Huza'ah village was killed this morning (18 Jan.) by Israeli gunfire while working his land, some 400 meters from the Israeli border. His brother. A witness told B'Tselem that in spite of the ceasefire, the soldiers opened fire without warning.
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Suspicion: Soldiers shot and killed man and his son in their home - Video

According to testimonies given to B'Tselem, on 3 January, soldiers called to ‘Atiya a-Samuni to come out of his house, in a-Zeitun, Gaza City. When he approached the door, soldiers opened fire, killing him. The soldiers continued firing, wounding a number of relatives, among them an infant who died from his wounds. ‘Attiyah's son, Farj a-Samuni, described the event in a video testimony he gave to B'Tselem:

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Removal of the two bodies from the Samuni family compound, a-Zeitun, Gaza City. Photo: Muhammad Sabah, 18 January 2009.

Testimony: Children bombed while standing in street, Beit Lahiya

On 7 Jan., Lu’ai Subuh, 10 years old, walked home with some family members and friends to bring essential items to the school in which his family was sheltering. As he waited in the street with his friends, the three were hit by a bombing. One of the children died and Lu’ai lost his eyesight. (B'Tselem)
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Testimony: Army displaces residents of entire neighborhood

On 4 January, soldiers ordered all residents of the 'Abd Rabbo neighborhood, east of Gaza City, to leave their homes. Only a few families, having ill or disabled people, were allowed to remain. (B'Tselem)
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On wounded evacuation and propaganda

Yesterday, the house of Dr. El Eish was shelled, some of his family killed and others injured. His conversation with Shlomi Eldar, live, exposed the horros. Israel evacuated some of his family members to Israeli hospitals, thus refuting its claim that evacuation is impossible due to Hamas refusal. (PHR Israel)

B'Tselem calls on both sides to stop the fighting

Continuation of the fighting will bring more death and destruction. Innocent civilians, among them large numbers of children, will be killed and wounded. According to media reports, both sides have already agreed to the principle of a ceasefire. Under these circumstances, they must immediately stop the fighting.
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"Don’t use our children for political purposes"

A Gazan couple describes life with constant raids and bombings for the past two weeks: "Last night was awful. So many explosions from the air, from tanks, from everywhere…"; "I swear, tonight I prayed for the Israelis that someone will save them from their leadership… After this, Hamas will have 50,000 suicide bombers". (Gisha)
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Testimony: 9 die in bombing near UNRWA school

On 6 Jan., the Dib family sat in their yard trying to bake bread, as bakeries had run out. A shell struck their home, next to UNRWA's al-Fakhura school, killing 9 members of the family. (B'Tselem)
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Children pass by a demolished building in the Gaza Strip. Photo: Shareef Sarhan / Windows from Gaza

Testimony: Family continuously on the run

The 'Arafat family fled their home under bombing and took shelter with relatives. The next day, that house too was bombed and caught fire, as the family escaped to an UNWRA school. (B'Tselem)
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Destroyed building in Gaza. Photo: Shareef Sarhan / Windows from Gaza

Testimony: Detainee killed in police station bombing

On the first day of the Israeli attack on Gaza, 'Abd a-Shaf'i was arrested for selling cigarettes on the street. A short while later, Israel bombed the police station, killing a-Shaf'i and others. (B'Tselem)
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Testimony: M.A. held in Israel for several days and returned to Gaza

M.A, 40 years old, lives in 'Atatra in the Gaza Strip. He was taken from his house by the army on 5.1.09. "They put us in a ditch about three meters deep. There were around 70 other people there. We were there for two days, without food, blankets or water". (HaMoked)
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UNWRA: 37,000 in shelters, tens of thousands of others displaced

As of 13 Jan., 37,937 persons are concentrated in UNWRA shelters in Gaza. The total number of displaced persons in Gaza remains unknown, as many have sought refuge in the homes of relatives and friends. The agency has provided all shelters to which it is allowed access with bread, tinned food and drinking water, but many supplies are missing, primarily mattresses and blankets.
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